Friday, 20 November 2015

Charlie Parker - Scrapple from the Apple (1948)

New York Minute | Don Henley

New York Minute | Don Henley from William Carl on Vimeo.

Thomas Dybdahl - One Day You'll Dance for Me New York City

a heart in new york ( simon & garfunkel )

New York - Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Soon ~ Yes, from the album Relayer

King Crimson - Lizard I (Lizard)

Keith Jarrett Solo Concert

KING CRIMSON - LIZARD - Lady Of The Dancing Water

Pat Metheny Group - Have you heard

Charlie Parker - Summertime (Jazz Instrumental)

Charlie Haden Quartet West - First Song

Mike Oldfield - Incantations Part One (Full)

Eberhard Weber - Seriously Deep